Monday, March 5, 2012

Row-tation (Vol. 2)

Welcome to Monday and good luck. To help with a snowy wet morning here are a few tracks from some of our recent LP acquisitions here at The Row.

1. Grimes, Oblivion (Visions; 4AD). Possibly the best weirdo pop album I've heard in a long time.

2. Hunx, Always Forever (Hairdresser Blues; Hardly Art). Hunx is back sans Punx and he delivers another great slab of catchy garage punk.

3. The Smoke, My Friend Jack (It's Smoke Time; Metronome). Speaking of garagey tunes, here's a great piece of late-60s psych.

4. Anne Briggs, Sandman's Song (The Time Has Come; 4 Men with Beards). Lets' linger across the pond awhile. Anne Briggs was the inspiration of many a British folk songstress including my personal favorite Sandy Denny.

5. Mark Lanegan, The Gravedigger's Song (Blues Funeral; 4AD). Let's circle back to the 4AD label for the lead-off track on Mark Lanegan's new record. This one's been growing on me with every spin.

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