Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jeff Johnson's Best of 2013

albums i loved this year [more\details tk]
dirty beaches, drifters/love is the devil
laura marling, once i was an eagle
bill callahan, dream river
 bill holt’s dreamies [vinyl reissue]
deafheaven, sunbather
 mazzy star, seasons of your day
deerhunter, monomaniac
deltron 3030, event 2
 jackson c. frank, s/t
solaris (1972) ost [reissue]
orange juice, you can’t hide your love; rip it up [reissues]
the national, trouble will find me
david bowie, the next day
yo la tengo, fade
phoenix, bankrupt!
jauna molina, wed 21
body/head, coming apart
no age, an object

late additions (from reading other lists)
having a fine time this december with new-to-me albums, some of which come from musicians i’ve had an eye on for a while, but hadn’t yet given an ear; what took me so long, etc. here are my favorites so far. also, catching up with lana del rey’s late 2012 release, paradise, which has (belatedly) taken me by surprise. didn’t think much of her first album, but paradise is a keeper. also, finally paying attention to janelle monáe, who’s astonishing me with her michael jackson inflections, circa 80s prince guitars, afro pompadour, and slipstream skits!

ty segall, sleeper

kurt vile, walkin on a pretty daze
Opens with an extended, hidden cover of Pavement’s “Major Leagues,” substituting “Lip balm on watery clay / Relationships, hey hey hey” with “Wakin in the dawn of day / Like I think about what I wanna say.” W’all-right, etc.

valerie june, pushin’ against a stone

forest swords, engravings

janelle monáe, the electric lady

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